Romanco Innovation offers excellence in the milling of
precision prototypes and small production parts.

We perform milling and fabricating services.
● Milling: weldments, stainless steel, 4140, Hot Roll, Cold Roll, aluminium, and plastics.

● Holes, reaming, tapping, flat bottom holes,keyways, slots, Heli-Coils, and more.

We use Angle Heads to reach feaures that can't be machined in any other way on vertical mill. We can mill parts horizontally with R8 toll holder. 

It allows us to mill parts 60 inch long. We can machine any type of long weldments and risers.

We can stamp part identification numbers with our pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine.

To machine, we are using a 2 or 3 axis program on a mill SPORT B3 with ProtoTRAK® and two Kurt© vices.
Machine: X = 30 in., Y = 17 in., Z = 25 in.

With more than 35 years of professional experience, we are able to perform high quality jobs with accurate precision and on time.

For Print Quoting or Orders
Phone: (586) 488-7755

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