Tappets will work properly without any noise when the high pressure chamber is free of air and 100% filled with oil.
We developed a tool which allows you to fill the tappet's high pressure chamber with oil before placing them into the engine, so you will start your motorcycle without any tappet noise after replacing them.
To use our Tappets Pre-Oiler, no high oil pressure is required - it is a very safe and friendly tool to use.
It will take a few minutes to fill the tappet with oil.
At the end, you will be able to test your tappets to see how well they are holding the oil pressure.
We have Tappets Pre-Oiler and Tester for TWIN CAM, EVO, SPORTSTER and BUELL

Tool for TWIN CAM 99-14, M8, and SPORTSTER & BUELL 00-12

Tool for EVO and 86-99 SPORTSTER